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Over salt?

Does your contractor salt when he shouldn't? How are we different?

Remember... you pay for your contractor's ignorance... and their intent. Where do their loyalties reign? We utilize liquid de-icing agents before, during and after a storm. What does that do for you? How about 40% less rock salt usage on your property... less surface damage... and we do not have to keep returning to re-salt your lot, which saves you A LOT of money. Bottom line... we do what is righteous, which follows Christian biblical principles.

Show up late?

The number one reason contractors show up late is not traffic, timing of the snow, amount of snow or equipment failures (do these excuses sound familiar?) but it is due to greed. Contractors take on way too much work. They over-promise then under deliver.

Their clientele list does not match their available equipment... or worse yet... they spend all of their time driving from site to site instead of plowing! We focus on prospective customers surrounding existing clients

Place snow in the wrong place?

You pay for your contractor's ignorance and intent... period. Are you losing parking spaces? Is your landscaping destroyed every spring? Are your handicapped spots covered? Are your fire hydrants buried?

Losing parking spots or placing snow on islands or landscape areas is lazy plowing either done because of ignorance or they are done on purpose... either way, both activities are bad... for YOU.

And having snow placed in a handicapped area is not only an ADA violation it's hazardous, makes you dangerously liable, and once again... not the right thing to do.

Monetarily, a contractor who places snow in the wrong place may come back to you and tell you that the snow piles must be relocated... all because that contractor did not put the snow in the right location in the first place!

Either by ignorance or intent, you pay for it! How does that low price bid look now?

Use broken down equipment?

The number one fear of prospective clients is the contractor failing to show up. We like to keep customers near other customers... both of us benefit from this efficiency. Many new customers tell us they love having a contractor that services them in the same neighborhood, sometimes from right next door. When service is needed in 30 minutes... we do not have to worry about traffic

Unlike most contractors, we do not utilize many pick-up trucks with plows. We went to the experts on snow & ice management... our neighbor to the north... Canada. They REQUIRE equipment, not pick-up trucks for winter services. Ask us to see our equipment... we will be happy to show you all of its advantages.

80% of our John Deere equipment is less than two years old and 20% less than 5 years old. New equipment is rotated every 4 years. Why do we use machines vs. pickup trucks? Very simply... reliability, speed and efficiency. You get a better service for less cost... period.

Some of our equipment we use

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